Monday, 7 January 2013

Do Over

The best thing about the new year for me is that there are 365 blank pages waiting to be filled with little adventures. I've seen posts around the interwebs with "2013 please be nice to me" and while I agree to some extent, I also think the year is what you will make it to be. So for this year, I don't resolve to do anything. Rather, I've got goals in my mind that I really want to work hard for.

Blog more
Update my Lookbook regularly
Stretch goal: Be on the hot page
Save a decent amountt
Hold out in buying clothes as long as I can (I work in a mall and I'm trying to be a fashion blogger. Odds are NOT in my favour)
Get physical in every sense of the word ;)
Be a better friend. Like if I say that we should catch up, I want it to really happen!
More cooking and baking
Expand my musical horizon
Read more books
Follow a band and be their #1 fan
Go to fashion week
Walk in high heels
Take better photos
And buy a new lens while I'm at it
Finish my novel
Have an online diary ala Jenna Hamilton (So excited for this one)
Redo my room and get rid of shit
Live beyond my means. Have less.
100% in my mystery shop result
Go .com for WTCK
Get published in TC
Fall in love
Make art

This should keep me occupied for the rest of the year. Ha. Outfit post coming soon, too. I finally get 3 beautiful days off after tomorrow! Here's to goals and fresh starts x


  1. Love!! Some things are very similar to my 'goals' for the year!! While I have already been to fashion week I defo want to go back this year, lets make it happen!!! xx

    ps - what's TC??

    1. Can't wait to make our plans and goals happen this year! Outfit posts sooooon! Woohoo. And a trip to Auckland yes? TC is Thought Catalog. Best thing ever x